xorg-server-1.12 going stable

It is time for xorg-server-1.12 to go stable in bug 419473. If you want to help testing, run the awk command

# awk '/YOURARCHHERE/ {print "="$1}' x11_stable.list > x11_stable.keywords

on the stabilization list attached to the bug, and add the result to /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords (or package.keywords if you are still using the legacy location).

After the xorg-server upgrade, do not forget to rebuild all x11-drivers. If you find a regression, please report a bug (if none already exists) and make it block bug 419473.

In related news, our current x11-drivers/ati-drivers maintainer Enrico Tagliavini is going to step down, as support for his notebook was dropped by AMD in version 12.6. Enrico has done an excellent job maintaining the package and we thank him very much for his work.
If you care about this package and like writing ebuilds, please come to #gentoo-desktop on irc.freenode.net and contact the x11 team.

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Enrico Tagliavini said...

Thank you to you and to all X11 team for your support and teaching to me :)

And now /me is going to search some other package to maintain eheheh.