xorg-server-1.11 going stable

In bug 394393, a number of x11 packages are going stable, including x11-base/xorg-server-1.11.2-r2.
After you upgrade, don't forget to rebuild your x11-drivers packages. Use the command that is shown in the elog messages to find out which. In case you missed it:
# qlist -I -C x11-drivers/
The output of qlist can be directly passed to emerge like this:
# emerge -1 $(qlist -I -C x11-drivers/)
If you are sitting at a gdm/kdm/xdm/... login prompt and can't type anything, press Alt+SysRq+R to switch to raw input mode and Ctrl+Alt+F1 will bring you back to the console.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! This problem hit me. I did a world update yesterday before I went to sleep. I merged some etc-files as usual, nothing special. However, I forgot to re-emerge the x11-drivers (evdev) and so I couldn't login.