The unfortunate creature who happens to be a network administrator

After several months of managing our network at the student hostel, I have come to the conclusion that being a network administrator is not always nice. Users won't notice if everything works as it should. But if something goes wrong, they will start to complain and constantly demand that you fix things, whether you have spare time or not. Luckily, I'm not planning to become a professional network administrator.


Spread Firefox and get a Gmail account

Due to the observation that people will do almost anything for a Gmail account, the folks on spreadfirefox.com have started the Gmail Give Away. I think I'll give it a try as well.


Brain death

It has happened, again. And they said it couldn't be. Now they say he wasn't, after already giving up treatment.


Free blogging software with PAM/Radius support, anyone?

When looking for free (as in speech) blogging software, it seems that they have all some kind of unsophisticated user management (i.e. they don't support Radius authentication). Other than that, there are only fully flegged CMSs, which support authentication via PAMs. However, I did not dare to install one yet.


data: URIs are not welcome here

So I have tried to insert a photo into my profile here, but unfortunately the Edit Profile form won't accept data: URIs. I think I'll have to ask in the forum what to do now. After all, not all browsers do support data: URIs.


Let the weblog begin

So I have decided to start my own weblog. It was fairly easy so far. Now I have to think about how to fill it with content.