Which should be the default in Gentoo, ffmpeg or libav?

There has recently been a discussion among developers about the default choice of ffmpeg/libav in Gentoo. Until recently, libav was the default implicitly by being the first dependency of virtual/ffmpeg. Now the choice has been made explicit to libav in the portage profiles, and a news item regarding this was published.

In order to get a data point which might be useful for the discussion, I have created a poll in the forum, where Gentoo users can state their preference about the default:


You are welcome to vote in the poll, and if you wish also state your reasons in a comment. However, as the topic of ffmpeg/libav split has been discussed extensively already, I ask you to not restart that discussion in the forum thread.


Anton said...

So people vote for ffmpeg to be default. What's next?

Unknown said...

Gentoo developers certainly have taken note of the poll results.

The next steps will depend on the maintainers. But as I am not part of the ffmpeg/libav groups, I can't speak for them.

Anton said...

Yeah, sopool is pointless, that's my point. Opensource is not a democracy where majority decide.

Developers who knows the internal stuff make the decision.