New toy: AMD E-350 Zacate motherboard

Today I picked up an ASRock E350M1 from a local computer store for 94 EUR. I'll never be able to use an Atom again! 

On this mobo, there is an AMD E-350 Dual-Core CPU with a Radeon 6310 (comparable to 5450) graphics core. To use this board with open source drivers, you need xf86-video-ati-6.14.0 and kernel 2.6.38_rc1 or later. The proprietary driver supports it too, but I didn't test that.

According to various reviews, the E-350 does fairly well against the competition. Let's see how long compiling LibreOffice will take.

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Anonymous said...

I'm planning to buy one too, but the one that comes with USB 3. Please, do post your "benchmarks", even if it's just the hacky stuff like compiling the kernal or LibreOffice. It would also be nice to see the compression times with the parallel versions of bzip2, gzip, and any of those lzma-based compressors like (p)lzip and (p)xz.